This is a Chinese phrase you cannot live without if you are WFH or working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To order takeout or 点外卖 Dian3 Wai4 Mai4, is a phrase that came up in episode 7 Life in A Day.  For other useful Chinese phrases, listen to the full episode on https: // 

Juzi Speaks 【桔子说】}is a regular segment of Juzi The Mandarin Podcast. David and Siok share an everyday Chinese phrase, an ancient proverb or even a piece of slang in a fun three minute segment.


For bilingual show notes on the Mandarin vocabulary shared during the episode, visit the official Juzi The Mandarin Podcast website at . Join Siok and David every Wednesday at 8pm Singapore time (UTC+0800) for their live cast on Facebook :

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