As the world moves out of the coronavirus lock down, some wonder how they can lose their “quarantine 15” , or the 15 pound weight gain during self isolation. David and Siok chat about popular diets and exercise regimes and share useful Mandarin phrases you can use when you talk about your post quarantine fitness plan.  


For bilingual show notes on the Mandarin vocabulary shared during the episode, visit the official Juzi The Mandarin Podcast website at . Join Siok and David every Wednesday at 8pm Singapore time (UTC+0800) for their live cast on Facebook :


俗话说「三月不努力、五月徒伤悲」,这原本是说春天没有好好锻炼控制饮食,到了夏天会因为身材走样而懊恼发愁!许多人因为在封城期间,不注意饮食健康,解封后发现身材走样,也很烦恼哦。. 这一期的橘子播客聊一聊{【封城不努力,解封徒伤悲]】,听一听大卫和惜惜分享和健康饮食和健身方式相关的中文词汇




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